Floor Plan

After getting quotes from Allworth, Beechwood and McDonald Jones we have narrowed it down to McDonald Jones and Beechwood. We are leaning towards the Beechwood Lexia as it is a bigger design then the Sierra and has a lot more storage.

Updated Plans 17/11/2014

McDonald Jones Sierra Plans

Front Elevation

Original Sierra


  1. Hi there......nice choice with he Sierra design. We chose the Sierra also as its very practical and makes use of available space very efficiently.

    The only thing we changed with the design was to increase the Media room by 200mm by decreasing the master bedroom by the same. We thought the room at 3m was just too small and even though we only increased by 200mm, every little bit counts. Anyways just a suggestion.

    We are currently at bathroom tiling and kitchen benchtops stage so we are nearing the end of the whole process. If your interested, I can send you some photos as i know its nice to see your design in real life and not just on a plan.

  2. Hi Christine
    Thanks for your comment! Yes the Sierra is a beautiful design! Where are you building?
    We have also increased the media buy 450mm and the main bedroom by 250mm. I would LOVE to see some pics! I haven't met anyone else that is building the Sierra!
    We are at colour selection stage and did our walk through today. We are pretty much decided on all colours just getting a price to upgrade to the Expressions brick.

    I'm not sure if you can send me pics through this blog?

  3. I love this design! Looking forward to seeing some more pictures as the house goes up.