20 April 2014

Floor Plan!!

As the title suggests we now have floor plans!!!!
We weren't exited with the lead up to Saturday seeing as we had done this all with MJH before which was a huge drama so we were expecting the worst.

The plans look better then expected and we're very happy!  It's not the biggest house but it is just myself and DH for the foreseeable future so it's huge for us. It also means that spending less on a smaller house means we can spend a bit more on upgrades!

We also did our external colour selections and signed a bunch of paperwork whilst we were there and after 3.5 hours with the sales team we were knackered but glad we knocked it out in one go.
We have based our plan off the McDonald Jones Santorini, we love this plan so when we found the BH Lexia we were stocked it was so close to what we wanted.

16 April 2014

Waiting, waiting and waiting

It is has been close to 8 weeks since we paid our deposit to Beechwood and we still have no plans.
With Easter being this weekend I can only assume we won't be getting plans until after.
Unfortunately the longer we wait for our plans the more changes we want to make!